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Backup Solutions

Effective backup is harder than it sounds. Adams Consulting Group has extensive experience at determining the importance of business resources and establishing effective data backup and recovery processes. We use a combination of dedicated software packages, onsite hardware and cloud services to ensure the most effective and cost-efficient backup for our clients.

Protecting your company’s electronic information is vital for more than just a company’s success: it can be the key to your business’s survival. Your company can be threatened by the loss or corruption of your financial data, your valuable intellectual property or your business communications and email. At the same time, you operate in an increasingly dangerous electronic environment.

Effective backup protects you against:

  • Disaster, such as floods or fires
  • Hardware failures
  • Breach of your business by hackers and defacers
  • Sabotage or theft by existing or departed staff
  • Accidental deletion of important information

No backup method is complete without regular and scheduled tests to ensure that a required piece of data or file can be retrieved at need. Have you tested your backups recently?

Protecting your company’s electronic information is the key to your business’s survival. Adams Consulting Group can help you protect your information from accidental or deliberate deletion.


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