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Implementing a new business system can be made significantly safer and cheaper through the use of leased cloud server space from an appropriate provider. Many business software applications require a dedicated server instance to run correctly. Implementing business software on an existing domain controller or email server is, at best, not recommended. For some businesses creating and maintaining virtual servers might be an appropriate solution. An alternative approach worth consideration is locating the new service in the cloud via servers at Telstra, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or other cloud providers.

Adams Consulting Group will examine the resource, availability and access requirements of your new business system and advise if locating the new service on a cloud platform will be the best approach. Factors we consider include:

  • Cost model – price per compute cycle or a standard hourly cost
  • SLA availability requirements – in- and out-of-business hours availability, potentially in multiple locations
  • Data integration – passing information to and from the cloud service for your private network(s)
  • Data sovereignty requirements
  • Redundancy, backup and security

Adams Consulting Group maintains partnerships with leading cloud service providers and can shepherd the entire process from planning through to user education.

Locate your business applications in the cloud to ensure availability of your critical software - anywhere, any time.


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