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IT Security

Adams Consulting Group has been securing businesses against internet hacking and intrusion and against internal mischief for over a decade.

Effective information security for your business requires a balance between efficiently protecting your data and equipment, while not interfering with the operation of your business and employees. The risks of disruption are ever-increasing, from security vulnerabilities in every computer operating system from Windows to IOS, to continued phishing, virus and malware attacks, to increased risk of denial-of-service attacks as your business grows more visible. Virus attacks can range from as mild as slowing down your internet access, to irreparably encrypting every file on your network. Others will sit invisibly on your systems for months and methodically mine every piece of intellectual property your business owns.

Adams Consulting Group risk services considers the whole exposure of your business to information technology risks, and identifies ways to mitigate against determined hazards and to insulate your business against emerging threats and compliance challenges. We utilise a mixture of hardware and software measures to protect against intrusions and attacks by the following threats:

  • Spam and unwanted commercial email
  • Hacker intrusion
  • Attack by disgruntled ex-employees
  • Unauthorised access and information theft by current employees
  • Virus and malware infection

We will examine your business technology and information assets and advise as to the most effective and cost-efficient protection for your business.

Adams Consulting Group will work with you to identify and address the risks of systems failure and data loss, through to customer-facing risks to reputation and liability, and the costs of missed opportunities.


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